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A word about Alaska State Troopers badges --

In short, I don't have any in my collection.  But I would like to have some!

ABOVE -- this is the AST badge image direct from the AST DPS web site.  Since it was on their media page, I assume it is permitted for legitimate uses.  I added the copyright AST logo to the image.  This image is AST's image, not mine.

This badge is obviously not in my collection and is here mainly to show you an image of the AST badge.  I actually reduced the pixel quality a little bit from the badge image on the AST web site.  So you can see a little bit higher quality photo of this badge on the AST site.

AST badges have been reproduced by enterprising people - an unfortunately common event.  I think the badges from every well known agency have been copied.

ABOVE - note the Officer title; not in my collection; these badges would be worn by AST Court Service Officers -the guys who do prisoner transport and related duties.


Pictures of some badge patches can be seen on Page 3 - Patches.The AST had special edition badges made in 2000 (millennium) and 2009 (Alaska statehood 50th anniversary).


ABOVE -- 50th anniversary of statehood badge.  The badge number has been blocked from view.  The AST allowed officers to purchase one of these, and the officers could have their name, badge number or permanent ID number placed on the bottom panel.

The officers were allowed to wear these badges on duty during 2009.

To compare with the RCMP (again) -- RCMP members do not wear badges with numbers on them.  Neither the hat badges worn on the general duty uniform, nor their collar badges worn on the dress tunic, have a number on them, front or back.

Their wallet badges have their unique regimental number, and upon retirement, they can get these badges encased in lucite.  Additionally, whether they are wearing the general duty uniform or their dress tunic, the RCMP does not wear breast badges.  This means if an RCMP member is wearing the general duty uniform, and a stetson instead of the general duty hat, then the member is not wearing any badge at all on duty; the shirts and outer jackets have patches (they call them flashes) on both shoulders.

ABOVE - a shoulder patch used like a badge - attached to a plastic clip device which you put into your suit coat left front  breast pocket.  This is made of the thick wire bullion style thread.

ABOVE - a badge made for the year 2000.  I think the troopers were allowed to have their name and/or badge number engraved on these.  Obviously, this one has neither a name nor a badge number, but is the proper style made by the same badge company.

ABOVE -- some wallet badges - STILL NEED



ABOVE -- some hat badges --STILL NEED

The center Corporal badge is believed to be old style; now, all ranks wear the same style as noted on the Left and Right - no rank is specified - they just have the agency name on them; the badge numbers have been blocked.

ABOVE - another internet pic of a hat badge

ABOVE - here is a badge not seen worn in 50 years.

The AST was known as the Alaska State Police from Statehood in 1959 until 1967, when the agency changed its name to the (current) Alaska State Troopers.

This is a pic of one of the old style hat badges.  It is the same size and style as the current hat badge.

Thx to the guy who let me use his photo - still need this one.

ABOVE - believed to be a complete fantasy item due to the rank used; from the Internet

Above & Below - more internet pics

ABOVE - old style vehicle door decal or sticker; measures about 42 inches from tip to tip.  Used on the passenger door.  A similar style, but going from upper left to lower right, was used on the driver's door.Note that the banner above the badge is currently used as a patch that is worn on the right sleeve of the dress tunic - pictured on Page 2 Dress Uniform  in 3 photos including one closeup pic of the patch.

ABOVE - nice badge decal/sticker - about 22 inches high.  Can someone say exactly what this was used for?

ABOVE -- old AST license plate - years used unknown - obviously used --  below is a newer one




ABOVE - current style


Here are four challenge coins from the Alaska State Troopers (AST).  The same number is used for both sides of the same coin.


The AST has other coins, but I only have these four.


Coin 1 was made in 2010 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of an annual shooting competition between the AST and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  The competition is referred to by both agencies as “The Shoot.”  It is held every summer and the location switches between Canada and Alaska.  These two agencies share a border that is over 1,500 miles and they get along famously.  The French words on the RCMP crest roughly translate to, Maintain the Right, or Maintain (Uphold) the Law.  This coin is the only known coin that has both the RCMP crest and the AST badge on it.  Insignia items depicting crests, seals or badges from police agencies from two different countries are rare.


The AST museum in downtown Anchorage operated by the Fraternal Order of Alaska State Troopers has two of Coin 1 on display next to other RCMP artifacts that have been given to the AST by the RCMP over many years.  The museum has two coins side by side so you can easily view both sides of the coin.


Coin 2 was made for the B Detachment and the major places covered by that detachment are noted on one side of the coin.  Note the Big Dipper constellation which points to the North Star.  This star design is on many styles of the Alaska license plates, the state flag and on the standard AST shoulder patches.  The state flag is pictured on the bottom of one side of Coins 3 and  4.  The stars are also on one side of Coin 1.  Obviously, the constellation and the North Star are popular to include on various items pertaining to Alaska.


Coin 3 is for the Cold Case Unit.  The Latin words are very roughly translated as meaning You will never be forgotten; always remembered.  I am neither a French scholar for Coin 1 nor a Latin scholar for Coin 3, so if you know the exact meaning of the foreign phrases on two of these coins, please let me know.


Coin 4 is for the 75th anniversary of the AST, celebrated in 2016.  It has the words, Loyalty, Integrity and Courage on it.  These three words are also on a patch that is worn on the sleeve of the dress uniform, also known as a tunic.  These words are also on the metal collar insignia worn on the dress uniform.  The words also appeared on old style vehicle door stickers.  The agency was first known as the Alaska Highway Patrol.  It was later re-named as the Alaska Territorial Police in 1953, Alaska State Police in 1959 and Alaska State Troopers in 1967.






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