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ABOVE --  The dark blue stetson style Alaska State Troopers campaign hat is for normal duty wear and has the gold and red cord but this one is missing the hat badge. The wallet badge, breast badge and hat badge are issued as sets.   I need this hat and all of these badges. The hat is a deep blue - it may not look it in the photos here.

The RCMP does not wear a badge on their stetsons, but the stetson is also not the general duty hat for them. Their general duty hat is a forage cap with a yellow band and hat badge.  A picture of an RCMP stetson is below.

ABOVE -- a closeup view of the front of the hat showing the gold and red cord

ABOVE -- a photo showing the head strap and inside Stratton label

ABOVE - from the Internet



ABOVE -- For comparison purposes -- here is a picture of the RCMP stetson.  There is no badge worn on this.  It is worn so that the buckle on the hatband is on the wearer's left side.  It is worn with the brim at an angle of about fifteen degrees to the right and about one inch above the right eye (I am not making this up).

ABOVE -- here is a picture of the AST baseball hat -- Still Need one of these.

ABOVE - Alaska State Troopers older jacket - has the older shoulder patch and older badge patch; note the metal sergeant chevrons on the shoulders

ABOVE - jacket buttons; the "P" design is commonly used on police clothing of various departments.

ABOVE -- Note that the cuff flap can be unbuttoned, wrapped around the sleeve and reattached, to make visible a highly reflective strip all around; this reflective part is seen as the light gray strip.

ABOVE - closeup of the stripe on the pants; the stripe is approximately 1 1/6 inches wide and the red stripe is approximately 1/4 inch wide.




ABOVE - older shirt - has a date on a tag from 1999.  Need the 4 brass buttons for the pockets and shoulders.


You can tell it's a little dated because the shoulder patch has blue lettering for State Troopers.  Compare it to the shirt pictured just below, which has the current style shoulder patch.




ABOVE - sergeant's shirt with four  years-of-service stars;

Still Need 4 brass buttons for the pockets and shoulders.


Has a date on a tag - 2003.  Note the yellow lettering for the words

State Trooper on the shoulder patch.  So the design of the shoulder

patch changed between 1999 and 2003.

ABOVE - closeup of the Left shoulder of the sergeant's shirt

ABOVE - an issued necktie --

The color of the tie very closely matches the color of the AST campaign hat, shirt pocket flaps and shirt cuffs.


The tie is obviously a clip-on style.  This is typical in law enforcement so that a subject can’t grab the officer’s tie and use the tie as a choking weapon against the officer.


I heard that there are different lengths of AST ties, and the one worn depends upon whether the person is wearing a vest carrier or not.


On the back of the tie, the large tag says Uniform Cravats.  The small tag near the bottom says 75% polyester 25% wool, Dry Clean Only, Made in USA.  The back of the tie also shows 3 slits in the thin portion of the tie.  The slits are there to attach the tie to one or more shirt buttons to keep it in place, while still promoting officer safety as the tie can still be easily removed.


These neckties are typically worn with either an issued tie bar that has the AST badge on it, or with an AST badge-style tie tac.  The tie bar badge is attached toward the left side of the tie bar instead of being exactly centered on the tie bar.  The tie bar is worn so it is in line with the bottom of the shirt pocket flaps.


Neckties are only worn with a long sleeve shirt. 




ABOVE - a vest carrier from years ago.  These are personally purchased and typically have the trooper's first initial and full last name, embroidered into the wearer's right breast area in yellow color.

ABOVE - a decent pic of an AST recruiting poster.  It's a little dated since the Lieutenant at far Left is now a Captain, and the trooper at far Right is wearing the previous style shoulder patch that has blue letters for the words, State Trooper.

This poster measures 16 x 24 inches.

I would love to get other, different, recruiting posters.

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