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ABOVE -- nicely detailed lapel pin; this one is almost one inch tall.  In this enlarged photo, it almost looks like a full size badge - don't I wish!

ABOVE --  shirt collar insignia -- The AST uses current military rank insignia. Troopers wear small gold “AST” pins on their shirt collars pictured here. Sergeants wear a gold US Army "E6" rank on their collar and a blue/gold E6 patch on their long sleeve shirts. Sergeants wear metal sergeant rank on the collars of the short sleeve shirt as there is no sergeant rank patch for the short sleeve shirts. 

Lieutenants/captains/majors/colonel wear corresponding US Army rank insignia on their shirt collars/jacket shoulder straps.

ABOVE -- metal insignia for sergeants

ABOVE - 4 pins together.  Lower Left is the one pictured at the top of this page.  The one at Lower Right is the biggest and measures about an inch from top to bottom.

ABOVE & BELOW  --  Some  Alaska State Troopers special unit insignia;

Above --  Both on the duty shirt/outer vest carrier and the formal tunic, troopers are allowed to wear any special unit pin they have earned. There are pins (small metal insignia) for SERT, K9, pilot, dive unit, and ocean boat operator. Troopers are only allowed to wear one at a time. The pins vary in design according to the special unit.

There is also a pin for achieving a 70% or better score on the annual physical training (PT) test, but almost nobody wears it.   Pictured above is the SERT pin.  Pictured below is the PT pin.

On Page 2, in the photo at the top of the page showing the RCMP and AST tunics, you can see the SERT pin being worn on the trooper's right breast area.

ABOVE -- the Fitness pin - explained above this photo




ABOVE - the K-9 pin. 

ABOVE - the uniform tie bar; obviously not a pin but I put this picture here on the Pins page anyway since its badge resembles some badge pins

ABOVE - shirt button - says, The Seal of the State of Alaska; smaller and less detailed than the tunic button pictured on Page 2

ABOVE -- novelty pins to denote the 60th and 70th anniversaries

ABOVE -- novelty lapel pin using the design of the shoulder patch

ABOVE -- novelty anti DUI pin; the .08 refers to the blood alcohol content




ABOVE & BELOW - the 75th anniversary coin for 2016




ABOVE - the coin made for the 50th anniversary of the annual pistol competition between the Alaska State Troopers and the RCMP.  The coins says:  World's Longest Running International Police Pistol Competition -- Camaraderie Through Competition -- "The Shoot"  - 1960 50th anniversary 2010  AST  RCMP.

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